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The Last Day

abc books chalk chalkboard
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The Last Day
Watching that large white faced black handed clock
I could almost hear the second hand turn
tick tick ticking along
doing the math in my head
12 times every 5 seconds equals 1 minute
hands sweaty and holding my books tightly to my chest
ready to make the run for it
when the bell would ring

Off we would go and not one tarry behind
at least I would not know
I was gone gone gone

Now at my much older age
I wonder what it’s like
the last day of school
when school is not open
when kids are learning at home
what do they grasp
what makes their palms sweat
where will they home
when they are already home

I loved and lived for those last days
how I wish each child could know that feeling
not to mention teachers
and parents
yay for last days
may they come again soon
to a school near you


The Last Day – National Poetry Month April 30 2020

flight landscape nature sky
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This is the last day of National Poetry Month and it seems fitting to have this be the prompt for this last day. Let’s write a poem about the last day. It can be about so many kinds of last days. What would your last day poem have to say?

Thank you for your support this month and for being an active part of the poetry community.

Stay tuned…May has some fun things coming and I will unveil them soon!


Is it in the Eyes? – National Poetry Month April 29 2020

blue human eye
Photo by “Ismy Pointofview” on Pexels.com

Today, let’s write a poem with the theme of “eye” – it could be the eye of the storm – the eyes have it – keeping an eye out – the eye of a needle – so many ways we can talk about eyes. What’s your eye on for this one? And to get in the mood, how about this lovely song by Willie Nelson:


Violets of the Sea

close up of abstract water against black background
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Violets of the Sea

As the world is changing
vast bodies of water flow and engage
both to the shores and to the depths
lapping below the surface dolphins swim

Would there be a flow of blue chargers
lazing while the far away stingrays glide
diving inward outward to the flow or tidal waves
landing where the souls incline to cry

Red oh red the sea is raging
sending foam of sediment and carcasses
when the sting of operations takes hold
running dare appendages be found

Landing on the banks with safety found
sand within without these crevices
itching and dare not to stand without the call
as the venture into the seas calls me in

Tushes find a place in rushing waters
once again the sea calls out come in
violets come forth from labored creatures
sea gardens of life will rise again

macro photography of bubble coral
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

This poem is in response to my Daily Prompt