Schedule Me Some Relaxation

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Schedule Me Some Relaxation

People all across the nation
talk about their relaxation
catching up on TV shows
baking cookies and eating dough

Netflix Disney all the rage
when I find time I turn the page
but that is usually when
it’s time to sleep and sleeping wins

Now make no mistaking this
I find the time for walking bliss
but when it comes to relaxing
my day’s are full of many things

Nonetheless this lesson’s true
always take some time for you
even if it’s helping other souls
being good to yourself is an important goal

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Today’s Prompt was to write a relaxation poem. Hope I did it justice!


Every Beat

brass drums
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Every Beat

Every drum beat
as the trumpet cries
to my soul
keeps my pulse in rhythmic flow

Stopping short for the moments
which take my breath away
and flowing with the rhythm
tapping my feet in time

As my shoulders move
dancing in my seat
throbbing heart of joy
pleasures at the beats

This is what music does
capturing rhythm in my soul
enriching heart flow
taking my breath away
and bringing it back

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Today’s poem is in response to this Prompt.


And This is What Brass Sounds Like “Rise” and Write – National Poetry Month April 26 2020

photo of trumpet
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Let’s write a poem to this music from Herb Alpert – “Rise” What comes to mind with this music? Or perhaps a poem about what it means to rise up. Or maybe a poem about your favorite musician. The possibilities are endless! Of course, please share what you write.