Crafting A Poem – Poet Coffee Table Talk

Poets Coffee Table Talk

Monday, Apr 26, 2021, 6:00 PM

Online event

11 Poetry Lovers Attending

Just like in the old days when poets came together, perhaps imbibed, or had some coffee, and talked about the problems of the world and how they would use poetry to speak their minds. This is a Coffee Table Talk. For this event, we will be talking about the crafting of a poem. What do you use or do to inspire a poem? Who/what is your muse, do you u…

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Lessons not taught in history books

Lessons not told in history books

I asked myself
what worth am I
to a relationship
with you.
I questioned
my deficiencies.
As you kept wandering.
checking your phone.
having clandestine chats.
That’s when I knew
it was not me.
All you needed
was available
at home.
You desired
to look elsewhere
and I let you go.


This is in response to the poem a day challenge for April. You can find out more about this prompt HERE