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Ten Things of Thankful – March 13 2020

Photo by Amy Reed on UnsplashPhoto by Amy Reed on Unsplash

It’s that time again for TTOT! It may be Friday the 13th, but it’s also soon to be Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day! So, I am putting my best betting on the lucky 4-Leaf Clover of hope!! Without further ado-let’s get the party started!

1.2. Books – In light of the pandemic, it’s great to have a stack of books from the library and a well loaded e-reader. This is what I am currently reading:

I thought I lost this book and searched all over, but it was in a briefcase, so thankful #2 is that my book was found. It’s a good book, so far.

3. Puzzles – Daughter loves to put puzzles together, me not as much, but she’s happy to have the dining table to leave her puzzle out. She’s working on a black and white puzzle which you then color. Some of the pieces she has already colored as she has assembled it once before.

4. Ice Cream – I am happy to have an ice cream freezer! One thing I did learn is not to put the gel cylinder in the dishwasher. While I did not do this, someone else did and I may have to get another. The good news is that it still makes milk shakes and you can always freeze afterward and have ice cream. When there’s a will there is a way. I have a great low carb recipe and have made it dairy free by using nut milk.

5. Six Sentence Story – I am still going strong with this weekly challenge. I’ve been working on sort of a theme with a couple and this is this weeks results.
It’s called Routines of Love

6. Rainy Days – While I am not a fan of driving in rain I do enjoy some rain to refresh the environment.

7. 8. Netflix and Choices – I am grateful to be able to have Netflix so I can watch stuff when the world is trying to send news I don’t want to hear. I turn on some old Andy Griffith and escape for awhile. Also, there are plenty of choices otherwise. It’s nice to be able to have choices.

9. Health Care – I am grateful to have good health care.

10. And lastly but not leastly here’s your place at the table of thankfuls. What have you to say? Let us know ❤ Can we break bread together in gratitude?
Photo by Miti on Unsplash
Photo by Miti on Unsplash

Should you desire to join in, you can go to this blue box and add yours. Also, you can read other thankfuls!!


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15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – March 13 2020”

  1. Did you friend need a new dishwasher, or just a new gel pack for her ice cream maker? I had a friend who once tried to wash aquarium gravel in a mesh bag in her dishwasher, and ended up having to get a new dishwasher when the mesh bag broke! She felt so silly; she was trying to be frugal and ending up having to spend a lot of money.
    Great list! Enjoy reading the books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was the gel pack that has not frozen correctly since being run through the dishwasher. Dishwater is fine. Thanks for asking. I read online about it happening to others after I was trying to figure out why the last two batches of ice cream would only slush vs freeze. I will have to buy a new gel tank. Found it, but waiting for a sale.


  2. An Andy Griffith escape sounds perfect!
    As I child I used to search for those elusive four-leaf clovers. I don’t think I ever actually found one, but I loved looking.

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  3. Totally agree on the books (and the kindle)… the former are in bookcases downstairs, the latter is, well, easier to read in bed than paper.
    Speaking of digital, I’ve really gotten into jigsaw puzzles online. The free app I use lets you upload your own photos (which it ‘takes apart’ into puzzle pieces).
    Have a good week.


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