Ten Things of Thankful – February 7 2020

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Welcome to TTOT and the first February 2020 Leap Year post! Without a lot of fuss I am going to blow right in!

1. WOOWEE Was it every so windy today! BUT! It was not raining too much 🙂 It was buckets and flying windys yesterday, but it could have been worse. Power flickered and played hide and seek with us and we survived just fine. It’s doing without that helps our character, right?

2. Smooooothe sailing for the Real ID today! I took my soon to be 44 year old daughter to get her Real ID – in case you don’t know about it – it’s a thing you need for reasons such as flying, entering a Federal building, and important stuff like that. I would have gotten mine too (since we’re supposed to have them by October) but I am just past the window to have to pay twice. We only had an hour wait and there was a full house at the DMV. I think several were there for licenses. And with it being windy the DMV official announced it might be a “never” for getting driving tests today. YIKES!! I hope that didn’t come out to be true.

3. Health – I have been getting these treatments for my neck and back and got the first on for my back this week. It went very well. It was done quickly and I did not take anything medicated (sleepy making) to relax. I am feeling good effects from it. And I graduated from Physical Therapy on Monday and just have to do home exercises, so it’s all good. Here is the link to help explain what the Radiofrequency Ablation is.

4. Opportunity for Artistic Focus – I have participated in inspired art with Elizabeth Foley and she invited me to participate this month to be a part of this activity again. I am grateful as it gets my creative juices going.

5. Daughter is here and we are celebrating her birthday on Saturday! I can’t believe she will be 44! Where does the time go? Seems like it was just yesterday that this sweet little 8 year old found her way into my heart instantly! She resides there closer that ever and I cherish these times together. She’s gonna be reading this post, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jodi!!

6. Support – I had an excellent meeting with other writers on Wednesday. It helps a lot to have real time support from other writers and I hope I offer the same to them. Writing is mostly an isolated career, but sometimes you need a little help from your friends.

7. 8. 9. Observations – I was at the Starbucks at the grocery store with Jodi and we were having her celebratory hot chocolate (they added butterscotch a positive experiment) and my coffee (yeah, I’m boring). I observed a lady eating a pastry. She was taking her time nibbling her way around it and savoring every bite. It made me think about how in life we can get in such a hurry and consume food so fast and not take the time to enjoy. It took her quite a while to finish and I could tell by the look on her face that she was thoroughly enjoying every bit. I looked over at the produce section and saw the colors of apples on display and wondered how many people pay attention to the care that the produce folks take. Then there was the checkout lady who was super friendly, even though she said she had stayed very busy, she loved what she did, it was clear to see and she took just the right care of the groceries, packing them just right.

10. And then there’s you! We got to the end of this and there is a blue link where you can post and share your thankfuls. So, how about it? Even just one is fine. And if you are in a hurry, just comment your thankful. And have an awesome week!

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16 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – February 7 2020”

  1. Excellent TToT post this week. We had the wind and rain as well (provided my primary Grat items). Good news on the health front.
    Grat Items 7,8,9*. Just seeing the woman, as you described, did I not already know you, I would have guessed you were a writer.
    Reminds me of a film about the life of a cartoonist. At one point, the interviewer and the cartoonist were walking along a city sidewalk and he whipped out a drawing pad and began to sketch. And it wasn’t, like, a majestic view. It was a street with abandoned factories and low-hanging power lines. Asked, the cartoonist said something to the effect that he stockpiled details of a scene, against the day he needed them.

    *btw, yeoman’s work employing the BoSR/SBoR**

    ** Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

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  2. The Radiofrequency Ablation sounds like it is working for you. I had not heard of this procedure.
    The Emotion Thesaurus sounds like a great reference book for writers to have and use.
    It is so nice that you and Jodi could spend some time together celebrating her birthday!
    As to #7,8,and 9. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty selecting produce when one of the produce workers has so carefully just finished or is in the process of aligning the fruit and vegetables just so.
    I love how you were taking time to notice the people around you!

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  3. Happy birthday to Jodi! Your comment about the real ID made me realize I need to ask my daughter if she has hers. Utah is sending out the updated ones to those who already have licenses, (and I assume IDs) but I need to check.
    I’m glad the treatments are working for you.


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