Weaving 101 Intersections of Life

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

You never know

from row to row

when the loom is set

for random weft.

The thrill of gliding

the shuttle rarely idling

seeing the intersections

as the beater changed sections.

It takes patience and pulse

for final results

hope is alive for beauty

that comes with such duty.

At the end of the rows

when at last threads are closed

and the fringe is displayed

one is rarely dismayed.

Such are life’s intersections

from various directions

the results as we tarry

may not be intentions.

The fabric of life

is, as it is, blended

bringing color and light

to be naturally vivid.


This is my response to the Six Sentence Story Prompt “Fabric.”

Thank you to Denise for challenging us each week!


Aching of the Soul

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

Such a passion for life, he had heartfelt goals; raising his daughter to become a confident woman; he lived his life to become the best man for his family; he saw the worth of souls and was a shining light to those who knew him.

Now, he is gone.

Just like that; He has been preparing his entire life for his homegoing; but it was not to be his time, just yet. He had two daughters and a son to live out his life for, to witness their walks of life, yet he is gone.

A man’s last words became his call to live and just like that he was denied. I envision his mother heard him and took him in her arms; and while his life on earth is over, let not his soul be wasted, let not his purpose be forgotten, and may we only hope to walk down the aisles of life with the passion of this man, this man who wanted to breathe.

George Perry Floyd Obituary on Find A Grave. You can leave a virtual flower and note.

Six Sentence Story Word Prompt: Passion

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Right or Wrong – Wanda Jackson

“Right or Wrong” is a country music song written and performed by Wanda Jackson and recorded by other artists, including Ronnie Dove. When I listen to the song, I wonder what the right or wrong conflict was, but do not find an explanation anywhere.
A further delve into Wikipedia tells me about Miss Jackson and I came across an interview. It is worth a listen. It is lovely to hear her voice as she tells her story.

Living histories were done by the USS North Carolina BB55 and I have our father’s history recorded in audio format. This interview motivates me to get his words posted online and when I do, I will post it right here on my blog.

This is Wanda Jackson’s book. You can click on the picture to see more.

Here is a lovely interview with Wanda Jackson.

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Gulf Fritillary Facts

gulf fritillary butterfly perching on flower
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Common to the southern part of the United States, onward through Mexico, Central America, the West Indies on to South America as well as Florida this butterfly-known as the Gulf Fritillary-moves to the north in the spring and breeds in the southeast. Florida gets large numbers throughout every county of the state.

As an adult, the Gulf fritillary is medium in size, with the female being the largest, and has a wingspan of 65-95 mm. What you will see are bright orange wings with black marking, females are a little darker and have more markings.

Each year brings multiple generations of the Gulf frittilary and they are always in Florida. Small yellow eggs are found on or near various passionflowers, larvae have a voracious appetite for the host vines.

Source: Gulf fritillary facts

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