Points of View

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can only shadows
speak to the darkness or can
they address the light
on the edges of shadows
are the silver-toned grayness

slivers of light tones
slivers of dark tones in sync
as shades come forth
perspective gives new meaning
perhaps a new twisted thought

open up new ideas
giving all of us a way
to newly seek more answers
paradoxical or not

given these posings
would it be more meaningful
to study viewpoints
with a more opened up mind
giving chance to the unheard

focus is required
to examine all the facts
as it stands for now
perfectly spinning a top
requires energy less friction


For Wednesday

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For Wednesday

senryu train

they call this hump day

getting over the hurdle

on way to Friday

do we want to push

moving speedily to what

take the time to stop

take a breath today

enjoy that last sip of tea

cherish just today


Today, I decided to use the Wednesday Poetry Prompt provided by Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog.



The Golden Mean – I think I got an A

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Taking notes in his class
was much like drawing pictures
diagramming the thoughts Father Figge expressed
was the best way of understanding
in my opinion
or so I think it was
Why do they give tests in philosophy?
Think about it
if you dare
I managed to explain the Golden Mean
and passed his class
I heard that the best learning
was in the after class gatherings
at the local pub
Not one to imbibe and shy of wheels
I had to learn another way
to make the Golden Mean
mean something


This weeks prompt was to write a philosophical poem. Here’s the Monday Poetry Prompt

Of course, I had to look up what exactly was meant so I looked up what a philosophical poem is. Here is what I found: What is a philosophical poem?