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Birth Day

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Belinda’s red tresses were gracefully swept back with a slice of the blue gingham Barton gave her for their anniversary, knowing her love of blue and how beautiful it accented her copper crown.

Betty Lou carried her tools to the duplex where Barton and Belinda made their home, Clement sniffed at the bag and licked Betty on her calf, Clement loved Betty almost as much as the salt she emitted.

Barton was working the mines, trusting that Betty Lou would be there for his bride when the time came for their first born to enter the world, how much he wanted to be there, but knew that he needed to keep making a living to provide for his family.

Bellowing was not Belinda’s way, but the beauty of childbirth brought with it truer than true pains and this was no exception as the baby was ready to be born.

Bathing the birth mother with the gentlest strokes, Betty Lou prepared for the great event, watching and waiting for the grand entrance of the new soul into the world.

Bawling from the first bit of air to his lungs, the little bitty boy announced his birthday to all who could hear, surely in the next door range, at least; a precious baby boy was born into the world, the world of coal miners, loving family, and his first best buddy, Clement, coming as close as he could to make sure his new prince would be safe.


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Short Fiction

Claiming the Heart

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Old Time School Room

First Meeting – Claiming the Heart

Barton claimed Belinda in his heart the first time he set eyes on her at elementary school, when she came to class, all of nine years old, the new girl in the camp, just a few doors down from his home.

While some boys teased her just for being new, Barton just watched her move, ever so gracefully, as she sat at her desk, ready to pay attention to the teacher.

Studious, she was, and Barton was hoping he would get a chance to talk to her without sounding as behind as he was with his studies.

He had reasons, and she would figure that out eventually, but he didn’t care so much about that as he did about getting a chance to impress this beautiful red-haired girl with braids and freckles bouncing off her cheeks when she smiled.

Noticing that reading made Belinda smile, he opened his reader and with one eye on her he attempted to learn the words.

Sensing the feeling of heat on the back of her neck, Belinda looked around and spotted Barton looking at her, smiling; She nodded, and he nodded back, red faced but ever so pleased that she did not grimace.


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Short Fiction, short story

Hope in the Darkness

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Blackened by layers of coal dust, his face barely recognizable by silver anniversaried wife, Barton staggered out of the mine, clenching tightly to the line as if his life depended on it, as it was, indeed, his lifeline.

Rushing to his side, Belinda took her beloved’s arm and led him to their truck, pushing away others who wanted to know more, Belinda took one long glare at the impending group, “Thank you, but I’ve got this.” Pulling away, the crowd moved on to the next miner as Belinda drove her husband home.

Exhausted from his experience, Barton bathed, fulfilled his appetite, took his wife by her hand to lay beside him and they drifted off to a deep sleep. Shaking in the night, Barton sat upright in their bed, eyes wide open and shouted, “There is an end to this trial,” and fell back to sleep.

“Indeed,” Belinda whispered, “And it’s the end that we hoped for, to have you home, once again.”




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