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Birth Day

grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs
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Belinda’s red tresses were gracefully swept back with a slice of the blue gingham Barton gave her for their anniversary, knowing her love of blue and how beautiful it accented her copper crown.

Betty Lou carried her tools to the duplex where Barton and Belinda made their home, Clement sniffed at the bag and licked Betty on her calf, Clement loved Betty almost as much as the salt she emitted.

Barton was working the mines, trusting that Betty Lou would be there for his bride when the time came for their first born to enter the world, how much he wanted to be there, but knew that he needed to keep making a living to provide for his family.

Bellowing was not Belinda’s way, but the beauty of childbirth brought with it truer than true pains and this was no exception as the baby was ready to be born.

Bathing the birth mother with the gentlest strokes, Betty Lou prepared for the great event, watching and waiting for the grand entrance of the new soul into the world.

Bawling from the first bit of air to his lungs, the little bitty boy announced his birthday to all who could hear, surely in the next door range, at least; a precious baby boy was born into the world, the world of coal miners, loving family, and his first best buddy, Clement, coming as close as he could to make sure his new prince would be safe.


This is the Six Sentence Story in response to the weekly prompt with you can find here: Girlie on the Edge’s Link

Thank you to Denise for her devotion to providing the weekly prompt. This week’s word was “Slice.”

14 thoughts on “Birth Day”

  1. This reminded me of a scene from Gone With The Wind, when Melanie was in labor during Sherman’s march through Atlanta, and Prissy was sent to get a doctor. She came back alone but with the advice that if they would put a knife under the bed, it would cut Miss Melanie’s pain in half. Great story!


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