Ten Things of Thankful – March 12 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT time! Let’s hop to it!

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up so I took the liberty to use a picture to depict this day! What do you do for Saint Patrick’s Day? My dear, late sister would have a green dinner, with mostly green foods. It was always tasty and fun.

Time for some thanks!

  1. There is a coffee cake in the oven and bacon is ready and coffee brewed.
  2. I meet the most interesting people when interviewing for my podcast.
  3. Tax changes which help my unemployed friends and others.
  4. Stimulus help for folks is on its way soon.
  5. More vaccines may be coming soon.
  6. People are still wearing masks, THANK YOU!
  7. Goodberries and that they have sugar free options and fresh berries.
  8. The fish market has real, fresh fish.
  9. That we can have all the foodies treats mentioned.
  10. YOU – What are you thankful for this week? You can comment or do a post. Your hope becomes our hope. Burt the Bull wants to know!
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15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – March 12 2021”

  1. Thanks for the St Patrick Day reminder. We usually sing Hail Glorious St Patrick at Mass. Bacon and cabbage for dinner with potatoes and real butter with a draught Guinness to accompany..

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  2. St Patrick’s Day… the worst (of winter is surely in the review mirror), it is good to see the efforts to cope with the ‘demic increasing…
    Podcasts sound interesting, will definitely check it out.

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  3. Do people still wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? I remember doing that all through school and even some places where I worked as an adult. The typical cabbage and corned beef wasn’t a favorite in my home when I was growing up, so I just didn’t incorporate it into our holiday traditions after I got married.
    Hope you have a great week!

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    1. Growing up, the closest I got to corned beef was with lunchmeat, my dad would buy for his weekend lunches. He and I were Saturday lunch buddies. I should write a story about that. Daddy couldn’t stand the smell of cooked cabbage, nor the taste, so mom and I would have it for lunch and air out the house. We would boil cabbage a potatoes together and add butter. It was a delicious lunch. I can’t remember how I got started with making corned beef, but it may have been from my sister’s traditional green dinner. I like it, but not too often, but put a bowl of cabbage in front of me and I am one happy person. And it’s good for you. Win! I wear green and have green eyes, so I have it covered either way. πŸ™‚


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