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10 Things of Thankful – August 23

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It’s time for Ten Things of Thankful AKA TTOT and I’m gonna jump in!

  1. Swimming Lessons for the kid! I found out that my daughter will start swimming lessons in September! YAY!!!
  2. Completed Art projects. I have had a little character I have played around with for a long time and I decided to take a writing break and complete her. After all, she needed color and more character. The result was Fairy Cat. Here she is: flying kitty
  3. Haiku for Fairy Cat can be seen here: Fairy Cat I hope to take her on some more adventures.
  4. Poundage is still falling off.
  5. Goals – I have a writing goal to complete by month end and I like knowing there is something to meet.
  6. Support – I am so grateful for the support I get in so many ways, between my family, friends, writing community and artist community, to just name a few.
  7. Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fans – it’s been a long, hot summer and I am grateful to have these luxuries.
  8. Six Sentence Story – keeping at it and this week I actually added to the prior week’s story as I was not pleased with leaving it open.  Here is what I did: SSS
  9. New Challenges. I have joined with another weekly challenge for haiku/senryu. Here’s this weeks: Yoga Dreams I am also trying to write one haiku per day. So far, so good. I go to my free photos and find random pics and write to them or come up with an idea.
  10. Last – but not least – I have written a story inspired partly by real life, but in a fiction form. It was hard to write as it brought up many emotions, but it was waiting to be told. So, here it is and I am grateful to get it done. Blue Blanket
  11. Because I can do more than 10 things as it’s my post to do what I want HAHAHAHA I want to invite you to join us in the opportunity to share your thankfuls. There a link down there to click and join in!

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14 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful – August 23”

  1. Your dedication to all types of writing inspires me, Lisa. I guess that’s also your creative spirit. You seem to have found a way to focus so many energies into various projects. Many of us only dream about all of the ideas we have. Kudos to you! The blue blanket story is touching and tender.

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  2. I agree with Cheryl; your dedication to your goals is inspirational.
    Fairy Cat is very cute, and Blue Blanket is touching. I love stories inspired by real life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Number 11
    lol! (this is Freedom Hall and that totally makes this fun)
    Good for the branching out into other (forms of) art… I would, had I any talent for drawing or such, but I do believe in the wisdom of letting (a given work) rest, as both writer and written are surely rejuvenated,
    Have a good week!


  4. You have shared so many writings writings within this TToT. I loved each one and I am amazed by your talents! The Fairy Cat is adorable and could easily be a character in a children’s book.

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