Coloring the Day into Night

photo of sailing boat
Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

Coloring the Day into Night

Coloring the sails with clouded light

Drifting to the sea blue green white foaming

Living in the lifeboat made for you and me

And now we will know freedom

Every walkway shadowed

Sanded with the substance of pinks

Glassine with shimmery powders

Gasping for air and sinking

Grasp my hand and pull me up

Let me stay beside my ever more

Sipping from the silver chalice

Once more to know sweet ardor

Communion is not for the crowds

But for the one who partakes

A personal commitment to being more

Yet to be more is to be less



poetry, short story

Staying the Course

sailboat on body of water during sunset
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

Staying the Course

Waging the war with the tides of life, bringing on waves of emotions, challenges, and joys, I am met with at once the desire to sail away and to remain ashore. Sailing beyond the shores, allowing risk to be abandoned, feeling the breeze flowing while knowing there are at least planks beneath my soles, is tempting. Staying the course of the foundation of the sands, only adjusting to the effects of the tides, I can still stand while being sure of not going too far. To go astray has such appeal as much as being on solid ground. Oh, to be grounded, but in movement is even more.

Staying on life’s course
Keeping my feet on firm ground
Moving as I will


Written in response to the Living Poetry August Visual Prompt