Completely Old

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Completely Old

You know you are completely old
when your shoes have shrunk in the night
when your once sexy jeans look a fright
but you find you have more to behold

You know you are completely an elder
when your hippity has lost some hop
when your teeth start to find a new spot
as your belly laughs from too much pepper

You know you are getting old, right?
when the wrinkles turn into road maps
when you find you have a little less lap
when the slightest bump hits you at night

You know you are completely aged
when your memories take you to youth
when you finally care less about looks
when you have reached the level of sage

You know your mind is in tact
from researching, reading and stuffs
avoiding too many fluffs
you still render out some great facts

You know you’re completely old
when there are no brakes between brain and mouth
when gravity takes it all south
your disposition has turned quite bold

Grow old with the attitude of zeal
you are not going to change the life scale
you are not yet set to derail
so get up and practice your whee

There you have it! Day #24 of National Poetry Month.
Thanks to the prompts from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides:

“For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Complete (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem. Possible titles include: “Complete Best Day I Ever Had,” “Complete Guide to Writing Poems,” “Completely Wrong Way,” and “Completed Set.””


No Contest – Six Sentence Story

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No Contest

No contest, was the verdict at the court of the common law heathens, on one cold day in the mountains. Uncle Johnny spit out the menthol lozenge and grabbed a smoke from the pack of Camels, nestled in his rolled-up sleeve. Spitting out tobacco from his unfiltered smoke, Johnny winked at Darlene, “You ain’t got nothing to worry about, darling, we been through worse; Honey, it’s gonna be all right.”

Darlene looked at Johnny with her big, brown eyes, “I know, sweetheart, you always take care of me and this ain’t nothing but a thing, a hurdle that no Johnny I know will let bother him.”

Johnny took Darlene’s hand and led her to his truck, head held high, gait in charge, fumbling with the keys, dropping them on the ground, down on his knees, he knelt. “Darlene, would you do me the honor of being my wife?”


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