Warrior Found

I recently published this in Medium

Here is the pasted version for this blog:

explosion fire smoke dance
Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

frozen in her thoughts
how could she find sweet release
or any relief
some things have a stronger grip
than what anyone can see

grasping for answers
how to chisel away ice
frozen in her veins
solidifying ice slabs
glossing over the secrets

voices from beyond
calling to her soul to free
strengthening numbers
ready to help set her free
lending, giving their powers

the breaths of millions
feeling the fiery heartbeats
raging for lost souls
escaping the prison cell
escaping the torturous

many voices speaking
telling of the hope for peace
one listening soul
knowing there is true freedom
in breaking free of lost dreams

tempering resolve
place the anvil on the ground
forging a new life
allowing the freeze to thaw
stepping forth to make new life

poetry, Short Fiction, short story

Fired Up

yellow flame
Photo by Skully MBa on Pexels.com

First, he saw the email with the subject line: Fired
Immediately perspiring, drenched with dread, he opened it
Relief came quickly when he realized the truth
Evidently, there was a typo with what was meant to be said on that subject line
Delayed office hours today are because of a fire in the break room, all staff are to come    in at noon for a lesson on fire safety
Ulysses was relieved with the news until he remembered the charred bagel he tossed in    the trash when he left the night before
Pressure built in the back of his head as he started his day

Thanks to Living Poetry for this prompt! Go HERE to take a look!