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Explorer of the Day

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Explorer of the Day

Henry packed up supplies for his day.

Toting his backpack and landing in his kayak, he paddled across the lake.

Observing turtles in play, he made mental notes.

The day was full of sunshine, warming his spirit.

Overjoyed, he was ready to go home and talk.

His father was especially happy to hear Henry’s adventures since he was no longer able to join his son.

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six sentence story

Gripping to Run

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Her hands gripped the steering wheel. The road was slippery as she felt the wheels lose their grip on the road. Her breath released prayers and regrets. If only she had not left the house this time, but she knew that by heading out she only had to make it far enough away to never be seen again.

He grabbed the phone she dropped on the floor, looking at the screen he knew what was wrong. He threw the phone across the room when he realized he no longer had a hold on her.


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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

I ask myself each day which mark I’m on.
It could be the starting point of a poem
or a long list of things I have to do.
I set my plan in place by listing tasks.
My mental gun blasts GO.
Like a runner, I follow the path to the end.

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if I looked into your eyes
close enough to note your pupil size
this would be a distraction, maybe even a call for action
you’d accept this motion by becoming more responsive
with our eyes, with our musings, with our sighs
fulfilling each our wishes, intertwined

This is in response to the Six Sentence Story prompt work “Distraction.” You can participate by going to this LINK Thank you to Denise for keeping the light on for us.