poetry, six sentence story


Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto on Pexels.com


he hung on the end of a branch, held by a strong, thick limb, the trunk made no comment

just stood tall, innocent, years of rings within— to count them, means you’d have to

cut down the tree, but why would you want to do that, this tree is innocent

rains bucketed the skies and woosh, he fell from the branch, flowing to freedom

a forgone conclusion that this innocent tree and simple autumn leaf have a purpose

the strong, thick limb— innocent, men who were hung- they were not guilty at all


This is my 6 line poem in response to this challenge: Girlie on the Edge

8 thoughts on “Innocense”

  1. Each verse of your poem is a haiku…a strong and beautiful one!
    Love your poem ! And its closing sentence…👏

    And on top of that, you accompany it with a compilation from my most listened artist on Spotify for 2021, Scott Buckley!
    (PS: he never gets out from my top 10 )

    Liked by 1 person

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