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Shandy set up her room at her Aunt Cherri’s house, placing her framed pictures of her late husband and her son on her dresser. Grazing the edges of the scrolled, antique textured frame surrounding her husband, Shandy sighed and began talking.

“Honey, it’s a new start for me, being here at Cherri’s, and I always thought we would be moving here together, but later in life, yet here I am, at a new house, a new life, but just so you know, it’s not the same without you,” and with that a tear rolled down her cheek, followed by a few more droplets before she stepped away.

Shandy stepped outside and leashed up Candy for a walk, and off they went, the fresh air pleasant to her and to Candy, they both sped out in a trot, before long, Shandy’s head cleared, and her eyes saw new possibilities as the neighborhood was near a small shopping center and that was where she found a diner, a homey looking place, with a “Help Wanted” sign on the window.

Stepping out after getting cleaned up, Shandy walked to the diner, “I see you are needing help, well I have lots of experience, may I please get an application?”

“Have you worked a full-house, lunch crowd, we could use you right now,” and with that, Shandy felt a confirmation that she had found home.


This is my response to the Six Sentence Story challenge word “Home” provided by Denise of Girlie on the Edge. Would you like to submit a story? You can go HERE

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