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Let’s Go to the Rodeo

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Excited to be getting tickets, Shandy gave Clarabelle a call, “hi Clair, I’m ordering rodeo tickets and wonder if you’d like to go with me?”

“Oh, Shandy, I haven’t been to the rodeo in years, Herbie and I used to go, but after he passed, I guess I just lost interest, but, hmm, maybe it’s time for me to think about going again; Okay, let’s go.”

“Yea, I am so happy to hear that. When Gerald was younger, we used to take a vacation every so often during rodeo time, and there are such sweet memories of my son and husband in their rodeo duds, oh they were so cute.”

“Well, I won’t be wearing a hat or spurs, but I will be there with a good spirit, ready to make new memories, thank you for asking me, I wouldn’t have thought about going if it weren’t for you.”

“Hey, ladybug, we are a team and they have not been so blessed as to have these two fine women to grace the stands, so yee-haw, here we go to the rodeo,” and Shandy could hear Clarabelle chuckling on the other end of the line.


The rodeo is an annual tradition in Fort Madison, Iowa, just about 30 miles from Shandy and Clarabelle’s story location. You can read about it at Tri-State-Rodeo We attended many years ago and it was a lot of fun.

This story is in response to the prompt word RODEO from Denise’s Six Sentence Story. Why not give it a try?

19 thoughts on “Let’s Go to the Rodeo”

    1. Frank, you’ve been deprived 🙂 If you have a sports channel, you can tune in–the National Finals Rodeo each year is held in early December in Las Vegas–it’s a heck of a wonderful show (I’m praying it won’t be disrupted by Covid this year–last year was the first time I missed it in ages).

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  1. excellent installment/Six
    (as you know, I get something from trying to figure out technique as much as reading for fun)… excellent dialogue*.

    * not simply two people talking, but we Readers gaining insight into their individual personalities

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