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Math Problems

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Perry Jameson always thought his station in life was to follow in the footsteps of his father, an accountant. There was only one small problem, Perry did not understand math. His father sat with him poring over math homework, Perry, staring of the numbers, his father scratching his head, rubbing his eyes, tapping his pencil in frustration. Determined to use the old school methods of writing out the problems, Perry’s father insisted that Perry must get the answers correct and they spent numerous hours, often on weekends, too. Then, it occurred to Perry’s father, when he was working on a reconciliation of accounts, that Perry may not see the numbers in the same way as his father. When he got home from work, Perry’s father sat down with Perry and they worked closely, one number at a time, not working on problems, but writing down and reading numbers and using some tools he learned about in his research; gradually, Perry gained a better understanding about math and his father sighed many sighs of relief and was, frankly, more than embarrassed that it did not occur to him, as one of the rules of accounting is to check for transposition of numbers when errors indicated this, which was obvious, when using proper tools.

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Transposition Errors

Teaching Math to Students with Dyslexia

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19 thoughts on “Math Problems”

    1. I got stumped with the “new math” from my younger years. It made my eyes cross. But I could talk myself through an essay exam and managed to get a junior accounting degree. Go figure… It’s algebra that blows my mind. Hans is the math whiz and one of the reasons he is a great CPA. But, hey, we can’t all be good at the same things.


  1. I am not a math whiz. My brother and sister got all that. Good job on this one. I did find ways (when I was teaching) to help kids remember facts in history and literature classes that were fun and easy reminders.

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  2. Interesting six, and well done the dad for finding a solution here. Somehow my mind doesn’t process maths, and I was dropped down a class at school, which was tough to take as in all other subjects I was bright. My youngest son is the same, excellent grades everywhere but in maths he struggles.

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  3. Math! I was never a fan, lol. I can appreciate the son’s position. Until there is someone to explain how it works in a way the person learning can relate to, it’s all just gobbllty gook!
    Good for dad having perseverance to find a way to teach his son.


  4. I’m its somehow established that performing mathematics is in the same category as musical or physical talents.
    Some have it, some don’t.
    Through-provoking Six this week!


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