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Glassblower’s COVID-19 Response

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Ever since the pandemic made its first creepy appearance, Curtis Genaldi could not comprehend how he would be able to usefully function in his career as a glassblower. While he was able to perform his art, it became clear that the need for beautiful glass objects, no matter how practical, would not be in demand. What he did know was that the need for medical products was one of the greatest needs anywhere he looked. Putting on his thinking cap, Curtis researched and sketched out some ideas on how he could be a help in these hard times and occupy himself, as well. After spending long, tiring hours hunched over his sketch pad, Curtis had a flash, like a light bulb over his moppy head. Calling up his support network, Curtis joined the ranks to create splitters for ventilators, helping coronavirus patients.  

This story was inspired by this news report about a glassblower who helps with COVID-19 You can read the article HERE

And that’s my Six Sentence Story! Go HERE to join in  and read the stories of others.

19 thoughts on “Glassblower’s COVID-19 Response”

    1. It’s funny how it came about. I actually thought of the story idea, thinking about artisans affected by the pandemic. Glassblower came to mind and I start looking up possible uses and that led me to it.


  1. He was thinking outside of the box which it appears more and more of us are compelled to do these days. Good reminder Six our talents can often be utilized in “unconventional” ways. “Necessity is the mother of invention”.


  2. Inspiring. I worked throughout the lockdown (still am) at a medical retirement home, and at one point we were very short of surgical masks. It was heartening to read stories of manufacturers turning over their trade to make masks and parts for ventilators as in in your link. Wonderful six 🙂

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  3. Wow! Your inspiration for this is, well, inspirational! I recently saw that a company that used to make marching band uniforms had turned to making masks. It’s good to see people able to adapt to a bad situation.

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