Ten Things of Thankful – July 24 2020

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Happy Friday and Happy TTOT Time! Let’s hop to it!

  1. Cool breezes when I take walks.
  2. Daughter’s tests came back with no worries. She is AOK! (Well, I knew that ;))
  3. A poem I wrote, one of which I put my heart and soul into, has been published. It is going in my book. Here is the link. As sad as it may sound, it was cathartic to write, giving me another chance for closure. Here is the link.
  4. Poet’s Connection is going well. We meet again tomorrow. And for August we have a special guest who will be conducting a workshop. With the internet we can bring in guests from just about anywhere and this one is from Washington DC.
  5. Friday Noon Poets is a group based out of Chapel Hill NC and I have been attending their online meetings off and on. It is a great group and we get a chance to share what we have written and talk shop.
  6. There are alternative choices in the world. Isn’t it great when we can go online to shop, visit, research…? If this happened when I was a child I would have been reading the same set of books over and again. But, I did that so much as a child, I suppose it didn’t hurt me. Nonetheless, we had libraries, but nowadays it is e-reading which is providing books unless we order and pay for them. I use the library for many e-books so I can save money. And did you know that you can request books when the library doesn’t have them? Oh yes you can! They may or may not decide to buy them, but you can ask. Our libraries are gradually opening for drop off and pick up if you order holds to pick up. I took the big stack and returned them, but I have plenty to read, for now. Now, if you do not have an e-reader and you do have a cell phone it may be possible to download books to your phone. I tried it and it worked. But I took it off, because I have a reader and it’s easier on my eyes and I listen to books on it sometimes.
  7. I think there are gratefuls in bundles in #6 so I am taking extra credit.
  8. Same as #7
  9. Oh, there you are, still waiting for #9 OK I discovered that pimento cheese, which I have detested for YEARS has now found a place in my life. I discovered the warmed up version to be eat of of the bowl good, so now I have added it to the menu and even GASP eat it cold! Who am I???
  10. Since you made it all the way to the end you get to help use out, here. Hows about some thankfuls from you?! Even one is one more than none, but I will warn you that once you get started it is addictive. Come share you thankfuls and your french fries, if you so wish πŸ˜‰
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19 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – July 24 2020”

  1. I’m glad your daughter’s results came back just fine.
    Your poem is beautiful. Writing about experiences does help with healing. Congratulations on getting it published.
    E-readers are great, and help me not have so many books piled up on my nightstand! πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, that photo at top makes me gasp! Even in my younger years, I could not have made myself sit on that swing so high above the canyon/river(?) below.
    Your poem is beautiful and very touching.
    It is interesting how the things we once couldn’t stand to eat become tasty after a few or many years have passed.
    Have a wonderful week.

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  3. Grat Items 2 & 3 surely would overload anyone’s gratitudimeter*.

    A decidedly summery TToT post
    Have a great weekend

    * not a ‘real’ device


  4. Wow. I love your poem. A baby at 44? That’s amazing. The first photo gives me goosebumps, by the way. I’m glad you have a group for sharing your passions. And that you can meet, even in these weird times. I do wish I could eat pimento cheese! Sounds delish, even cold.


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