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Ten Things of Thankful – June 26 2020

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Good Morning! Welcome to TTOT! Let’s hop to it!

  1. Happy Summer! WooWee! It’s warm enough that gardens should be very happy, especially after the wet spell. So YAY!
  2. Father’s Day was specially nice and we celebrated with a surprise lunch and a nice day of relaxing.
  3. It has been a busy week of getting back into the groove of writing and editing. I am grateful. I went a whole week without writing a poem and my muse rewarded me with lots of inspiration on Monday.
  4. Writing sprints! It’s a thing. I used to do them with two other women and they were super productive. I found a couple of them on Meetup and got a lot accomplished. It is a great way to plug in to work on projects of my own and I was rewarded with good roughs of work. So, how it works is that you sign up, of course, then you chat for about 10 minutes and talk about goals and stuff. Then the moderator sets a timer for 25 minutes. Then you break for 5 minutes. And then you go back to writing. You cycle this for as long as pre-set. The end is a catch up to see how it went and chatting for a few minutes. It was about 3 hours we did and that was perfect. It is virtual.
  5. Pretty little things. I did a random stop at a nearby fabric shop. I found some cute fabric for masks. And they had the good kind of elastic. So, I have it cut and ready to sew.

6. Poet’s Connection is Saturday. I am grateful for a nice turnout to come and in the past. We are going to talk about Sonnets!

7. Daughter did well with her colonoscopy. No issues and good for 5 years. So Super Grats!!

8. The birds have made a nest on our outside shelves, inside a bag containing our Christmas star. It’s a big star and we put it in a large garbage bag. There was an opening and the birds decided to make a nest. So, we need to leave them be. Before long, they will leave and the nest will be abandoned. I think it’s super resourceful of nature to use what is available. It’s like a birdie condo. Listening to the chirping is sweet music to my ears. They are small, and I think they are wrens. They move so quickly, I cannot get a good enough view.

9. The pool is supposed to open soon. Honestly, though, if it does not because of the virus, I am okay with it. I would rather be healthy. And we still go walking so that’s a.o.k.

10. This is the place where you can add to the thankfuls. Won’t you be my neighbor?

Photo by Dariusz Grosa on Pexels.com

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18 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – June 26 2020”

    1. I think we will go first thing in the morning, if we can go at all. Usually at 10 a.m. there’s nobody else there. We can go for half an hour before anybody else comes. Otherwise, we will just let it go.


  1. What cheerful fabric you found!
    Good news for your daughter. The prep work is the worst of it, and to not have to do that again for 5 years is wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh the prep work is the absolutely worse part! I felt so bad for her as I have had several. I had colon surgery after many of those bouts and tests. Thankful I am AOK! And especially thankful she is too! She found out her family history from her birth mother’s family and that’s why she had the test done, since there is a history.


  2. I am glad your daughter’s procedure went well. The pool sounds refreshing…the photograph at the end – love it. Neighbors sound nice!

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  3. I love the little wrens. Sounds like they made themselves right at home.
    Such cute fabric! What is the good kind of elastic?
    It sounds like you had a productive week after having had a vacation of sorts.
    Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is the 1/8″ elastic which is the narrow kind. It’s the kind you see on most medical masks. The 1/4″ is okay to use, too, but the 1/8″ is easier to fit behind the ears. If I had to wear it all day I would make myself one of the holders I made for my daughter. I crocheted an about 3″ wide strip and added buttons for her to loop her mask to. Since she works a 5 hour stretch it helps her a lot. She loves it.


  4. It is an excellent time of year…aka ‘not cold’ lol
    (I actually sit in my car after being in the office, the direct sun must have it 103 degrees inside, I enjoy it, remembering the winter cold.)
    ‘Writing Sprints’. interesting concept!
    Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After being in the A/C I like the initial warm feeling of the car. We don’t keep the A/C all that cold in the home, but you can feel the warmth when you go out. Now, we have dust to contend with as the storm rolls in.


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