Ten Things of Thankful – May 8 2020

gulf fritillary butterfly perching on flower
Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Good Morning and Happy Friday! For many of the folks, this means Phase 1 or 2 of the pandemic rules. We are in Phase 1 as of 5 p.m. today. #1 I am grateful for masks and hand sanitizer and to be able to drive. #2 I am grateful for Six Sentence Story of which I can be slack. Here is this weeks contribution from me Gulf fritillary facts The picture on this blog bears the same butterfly. I love butterflies!! #3 I am grateful that daughter follows social distancing and wears a mask and gloves at her job. Customers are now coming in, but they are limited and I am grateful for this, as well. It’s a craft and sewing store, so there are likely a lot of in home folks making things. #4 I am grateful that soon I will get a box of new art supplies and for those who love to create I know that you know what that means.

#5 That I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and that even though she is no longer with us I still consider her a very essential part of my life.

15966079_10158052915000203_8401078897215862861_n That’s me on the sofa leaning into mom.

#6. Auto insurance refund for the pandemic. Check your insurance company if interested in seeing if you qualify.
#7 New tires – while it was not really what we wanted to do right now, it is time to get new tires. We were able to get the car to the place before a flat. I am grateful for that, too because who wants to change a tire? #8 In my case, I know how, but I call AAA these days as my bones don’t like such things. I am grateful for that option.
#9 Is that it has been nice weather and not too hot. Just a couple of short heat spells followed by sweater weather.

#10 This place is for you. Perhaps you would like walking this path and thinking of the ways you are thankful. Then, you can blog them, too!

the path among the trees
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11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 8 2020”

  1. I know how to change a tire, too, but have learned that the air impact wrenches the shops use to put the tires on make it virtually impossible (at least for me) to loosen the nuts with a lug wrench. Thankfully, we have AAA, too.

    It is nice that insurance companies are offering refunds. We certainly haven’t been driving as much as usual.

    Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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  2. We’re getting into a second phase of this thing, a soft-opening*
    We’ve been deemed an essential industry, so I’ve been getting into the office all along, but now people are being allowed to leave their home en mass, granted with certain limitation on density of gathering.
    We had a good temperature day last weekend, this weekend, not so much. In the 30s and 40s. Can’t wait for the heat.

    *the people in retail will recognize the term, just before the official grand-opening they do something, sorta like practice.

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  3. I have always had a attraction to paintings or photos of lanes or paths lined with trees, so your last photo is just lovely and inviting.
    AAA is my friend when it comes to needing a flat tire changed. Even when I was young, I didn’t have the strength required to remove those lug nuts.
    Love that family photo!
    We may get to Phase 1 in the middle of the month. Nothing is for certain yet.
    I saw a little orange butterfly flitting around this past week, but it was quicker than I was trying to keep up with it, so no photo.
    Thanks for tipping off to the auto insurance refund.
    I hope you have a good week, Lisa.

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    1. Thank you. I think I got that photo off the free photos of word press. I often go there. I love how AAA has Lyft pick you up and bring you back so you have no real waits or worries. We don’t live that far from them but too far and a busy couple of roads to cross are too much for my older legs. I figured out some lug nut loosening tricks in my younger years but would probably fall down trying nowadays. One day, I will write about the flat tire adventures and how there were many angels who helped me out. Once I didn’t tighten them well and they came off. OOPS! I just pulled over and fixed it and all was good.


  4. I am shocked, the few times I have gone out, at how few people are wearing masks. And of those, how many of them have their noses uncovered. Sigh.
    My mom passed away in 2016, and I miss her every day. She didn’t really care that much about Mother’s Day. She appreciated it if you gave her a card or gift or visited, but it was no big deal if you didn’t. Nonetheless, Mother’s Day makes me sad, because I just wish for one more day with her. Love your family photo!
    I know the principles of changing a tire, but I’ve never actually done it, nor do I want to. That’s why I have AAA. And we need new tires on one of our vehicles and it’s going to be stupid expensive.

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    1. Mom has been gone for several years and she was a lot like your mom with appreciating but not expecting. I miss her so much. I’ve gotten close to my beloved’s mom but it’s still not my mom. Yeah, tire bills are ouchy. Gotta have them. Masks…I’m wearing mine and hoping for more than my nine lives. Oh wait…that’s cats😄


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