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Mary’s Flocked Christmas Tree Mess Up

branch cold freezing frost
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

some say Mary lied
she said her Christmas tree died
truth is I will tell
she bleached the thing to pure hell
after seeing Christmas ads

trees in flocking white
she had to have one like that
and the efforts were a fright
trying to keep up with Jones
impressions for others cost

you’d think by now she’d
learn about these things for sure
so many things tried
cost more than she can afford
keeping up with the Joneses

never made much sense
Mary proved it much too much
when she flocked up the
Christmas tree, oh poor Mary
what’s she gonna do?


This is in response to this: Living Poetry Prompt

10 thoughts on “Mary’s Flocked Christmas Tree Mess Up”

  1. LOL 🙂 No kidding!

    I literally killed my tree this year with bleach, too, although not to flock.

    I put bleach in the tree water to keep the mold growth down (my son has allergies to mold) but I added way too much. Now, if you even breathe beside the tree, pine needles fall to the floor like rain. My kids are just a smidgen upset with me. Don’t know if the tree will last till Christmas.

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