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Ten Things of Thankful – September 20

close up of pink flowers
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s hard to believe that this month is rapidly flying by! We’re 2/3 the way through September and I wonder “how did that happen?” Let’s take a look at the TOP TEN LIST of Thankfuls!! OR TTOT!!

1. Manna from Heaven – Well, really, furniture! My friend has been trying to find an outdoor table and chair set for the group home and when I stopped by to meet with my daughter, there my friend was with a huge metal (PERFECT) table and those hard plastic, pretty green, chairs. Along with the chairs we found at the dumpster and what chairs were there, there’s enough for all the ladies to sit at the table, comfortably. With the weather being cooler and the afternoon shade on the patio, it will be lovely for them to go outside and play games at the table and maybe eat outside. Somebody donated a gas grill, so there is that option, as well. The only things left on the list is an outdoor swing and outdoor umbrella and I am optimistic those will eventually be found, all in good time.

2. Providence from that same friend’s connection – There’s a pan raiser going on to help get pans for the group home and my friend is hosting that. I am confident that there will be enough raised to get the cookware. Things always have a way of working out, right? BTW here’s the LINK if you wanna join!

3. I Write Her weekly challenge – I want to feature this fun challenge this week as I find it another writing effort that helps me work my brain. Here is the one I did for this week and in that post you will see a link to the challenge, if you would like to join. HERE

4. 5. Poundage is still slip sliding away. And blood pressure is now normal. Still on medication for it, but it’s still a win. I am grateful for the medication.

6. 25 days left of tax season.

7. I am in one piece and so is Silvia (the car) – Seems that green lights are not necessarily anything to some people who want to turn right on red and I came real close to a crunch this morning from a merging big ole truck.

latte (2)
Lattes – after #7, I got me one. Thankful for my favorite coffee shop to serve up the yums.

tree with eyes
The trees have eyes – I was in the parking lot of beloved’s office and this tree looked like it was looking back at me with two big eyes. It made me laugh. Above the eyes it looked like a big fish head and I wondered if the tree was once underwater and the result of fossilization and then I laughed and laughed.

10. Rest – My sleep has improved lately. I think the weather change has helped this a whole lot.

So, there you have it. Those are my 10 TTOT!!

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14 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – September 20”

  1. What i’d like to know is when taking a right on red went from being a privilege to being a right, at least in some people’s minds. Glad you and the car came out of it okay.

    Getting stuff donated is always such a blessing.

    Your musings on the tree made me smile.

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    1. I don’t know when it changed. Maybe they were having a hurried day. Good thing I drive defensively. Learned about that before ever getting a license. Glad you got a smile. I need to go back and take a closer picture.


  2. #7–yikes! Glad you are OK, but what a scare! It’s interesting; there is a freeway off-ramp here where it is clearly posted, “right hand turn permitted without stopping,” but I find that about 50% of the time, drivers stop anyway. I’ve learned to be extra-cautious if there are cars in front of me, because I never know if they are going to stop or not!

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  3. First of all, thanks for leading the way in gratitude! I am grateful you were spared a terrible crunch! And how wonderful when our ‘stuff’ can bless others! We have so much! I laughed at your tree imagining, and I could easily see those eyes. I love looking at trees and imagining all sorts of creatures. some of our marbled bathroom tiles have the look of a horse’s head so I’m often fascinated with them. Thanks for encouraging me to write!

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  4. Yeah for you and for Silvia! Close calls make me want to take a break too.
    Since we have a lot of knotty pine in our house, I have had a lot of fun over the years of seeing images in the wood. I could easily see the eyes in the trees.πŸ˜€
    I find that with cooler weather I am able to sleep better too.
    It sounds like the outdoor area at the group home is coming right along. I am sure your daughter and the rest of the ladies will enjoy it.


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