Ten Things of Thankful – June 14


It’s time again for the TTOT!! Be sure and join us by going to this LINK

I’m one day late to post, but it looks like I’m not alone, nonetheless, I will do my best to help get the party started!!

1. The Pool and The Sunshine. Both are helping my spirits. There’s a pool party today, but I have other responsibilities, but they will have to carry on without me. It’s all good. I hit the pool this morning.

2. Sweet presents! I received the TTOT sticky note pad from Kristi yesterday. And she put in the sweetest note! I love when I get something in the real mail and such kind words.

purple petaled flower and thank you card
Photo by on

3. Nice Weather. It has been pleasantly cool and sunny with not so much rain. This also helps me SMILE!!

4. & 5. Venues – Adobe Spark – I am organizing a poetry reading for this month and I asked a place I love to go to for coffee, writing and reading and they said YES!!! Here’s the poster I made on Adobe Spark And I will give them a shout out of THANKS too!!
Aruna Poster Red

6. My surprise is still cooking.

7. Challenges – Six Sentence Story always challenges my brain. Here’s this weeks on this LINK

8. Fathers or in my case “Daddy” and how can I not pay my respects to the man and his life devoted to all of us? And on top of Father’s Day, his birthday is coming up. Happy Heavenly Birthday and Father’s Day to Daddy.

9. My TTOT Family who have become so important to my life. I read every post and this past week took me 3 days to get through all of them!

10. New Adventures! Summer brings with it many opportunities to explore the various offerings. Why not shake off the cares and enjoy the world!

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on


12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – June 14”

  1. I am one of those late to the party this week, but I will link up a post soon. Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling! Glad that you’re enjoying the sticky notes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fun TToT post.
    #9 totally a good problem to have! (same here, a great variety of posts).
    Gotta ask on #8 do you remember what it was to everyone’s right that you (assuming you’re in the photo) people were staring at…. all except the small girl in the back left.*

    *tell us thats you in the photo! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s me to mom’s right, staring forward. I must have been staring at the different drummer whom I’ve often danced to their beat. The rest are staring at the photographer, I reckon. 😀


  3. I almost missed posting this weekend. For some reason I thought the extended TToT 6th Anniversary posting took the place of this weeks TToT.
    I like that last photo. It leaves the impression that there will be some lovely summer adventures coming.


  4. Great TToT. Love the family photo! Nothing like sunshine, the pool…and a surprise still 😀
    Hope you have a great turnout at the poetry reading!
    Thanks for listing Six Sentence Story challenge as a thankful!! So happy you’ve become a regular 6’er :D.
    I haven’t listened to George Winston in ages….got the youtube on now. Nice.

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