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Ten Things of Thankful – June 7

Open Garden photo taken by me.

It is the 6th anniversary of TTOT and I am just a baby amongst this fine group of people. If you want to add to the party go to this LINK

  1. Open Garden – We went to the Open Garden event in here is Raleigh. They have this once a month during garden season. It was lovely to see so many pretty flowers and to watch the industry in action. Nice that they allow people to come in and take a look.  Here are some pics:


2. Health – We have been spending a lot of time at the pool and that always helps the joints and sleep! WOOHOO!! Also, I am still losing poundage.

3. The Kid – She is coming this weekend! Always cause to celebrate and make her favorites.

4. Writing – I am always working on projects and they are going well. My secret is almost ready to share.

5. Six Sentence Story – Here’s my latest one for this. No acrostic this week, so bear with me. Spaghetti and Meatballs

6. Poetry – So, I responded to this one, Go see if you can find me: Living Poetry

7. Getting Venues – As one of my jobs, I used to do community events for drug awareness and those old skills have come in handy as I am working on a project which requires finding places to meet.

8. Ten Things of Thankful! This is the SIXTH anniversary and I am thankful to have found this group through Wendy. Go see her blog at: Picnic With Ants I am grateful for Wendy. We met many years ago at a fibromyalgia group and have been friend ever since.

9. Fresh Produce – Most of what I cook is from fresh produce. As the crops of the country may be affected by all of the flooding, I have an even greater appreciation for having this produce. And I am super grateful for farmers for making this happen. Did I mention that local blueberries are available? Oh, they are so sweet!!

10. Summer Opportunities. Everywhere I look there is something going on for the summer. I go to Facebook events and can find something for about any day of the week and many of these things are free. If you want to find something to do, to get out of the house or a rut, I suggest checking calendars around as there is always something to do. Volunteering is also a good one.


20 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – June 7”

  1. We are so glad that you are part of the TToT!
    The Open Garden event sounds like a lot of fun, and your photos prove it was beautiful! You’re right; there are so many summer events and activities. I love planning which ones I want to attend. Strawberry Days start in about a week!
    Congratulations again on your continued weight loss, and your writing.
    Enjoy the time with The Kid! 🙂

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  2. Finally we’re in non-Winter season! (Even up here in New England).
    Good to hear your progress with the (secret) project.
    This weekend is fun in that way that I imagine that reunions are fun.*
    Great way to see some of the people whose influence on our (collective) styles in the virtual world shows to this day.
    Have a good week.

    *Full Disclosure: Have never attended a reunion, at least not in the ‘real’ world. Am a clark.

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  3. Hi Lisa, There is nothing more tasty than food grown and picked right out of your own garden. Yum! We have a small garden with our first blueberry bush and lots of tomato plants. My four kids enjoy checking on the progress of the growth and of course the best part is the picking and eating. Spring and summer are times of such gorgeous growth – we have rose bushes near our front door and I love the vibrant colors!

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  4. I stopped at a farmer’s stand this week and bought some strawberries and rhubarb to cook up into a yummy sauce.
    The events page on FB is so helpful!
    So glad that time in the pool is helping the joints and making it possible for you to get better sleep at night!

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  5. Pool time, summer time, losing weight, fresh food, poetry, flower photographs – some of my favourite things here, and I’m so glad you have these wonderful things in your life to be thankful for. Going to pop over and see what your poetry link is all about!!

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  6. What a great list of life-affirming thankfuls! You are out there and doing things with your life, and appreciating the benefits you are reaping! I loved the variety of your thankfuls, health and writing are big ones, and “the kid” coming to visit is surely frosting on the cake! Nothing makes a mom happier than her kids coming home. 🙂

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  7. Our favorite local blueberry farm has berries ready to pick this week! Blueberries are probably my favorite fruit, probably since they come ready-to-eat and don’t need to be peeled, seeded, cut or cored! I am grateful they don’t weigh me before and after I pick and make me pay for all the blueberries I eat as i pick! Great list, Lisa! I’ve missed a couple of weeks of Six Sentence Story and need to get myself in gear!

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