Ten Things of Thankful – May 17

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It’s time again to think of the 10 things I am thankful for this week. Let’s go!

1. Losing weight. It’s 2 more off WOOHOO!!

2. Shorts – it’s turning warm and I am glad for less because I know the pool will open soon.

3. Berry Season – Here in NC it’s berry season and I am loving the taste of local berries. I know I mentioned Strawberries last time, but it’s more than that this week. Yummy!!

4. Joy Prom – Daughter attended Joy Prom on Friday and had a blast! I love that this happens each year, sponsored by local churches and vendor assisted.


5. Dental School – I am almost finished with my dental work and I am so grateful for a dental school near enough to get this done. My student graduated, but he stick around until I am finished. Isn’t that a double win?

6. Art – Daughter is here for the weekend and I taught her about Sidewalk Crack Art and she created a cute cardinal. She caught on quickly.


7. The ability to read. I am reading a book as a beta reader for one of my fellow writing peeps and am grateful that I get to enjoy this. I am one chapter 4.

8. Book Club – Thanks to the interest, there is going to be a book club in my living community and I will be leading said club, starting in June.

9. Challenges – I have some physical challenges I am trying to get past and I am grateful that I am able to try.

10. Birth – I was making some taco meat yesterday and discovered that my pepper had given birth.

Instagram Pictures of Pepper Birth

There you go! Those are my 10! Go HERE and join in!!

7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 17”

  1. Yes, local berries are the best! We still need to wait for this here, but I am looking forward to it.
    And being able to read is indeed wonderful, I wouldn’t want to live without it.
    Have a great week!

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  2. I love berries! Our season isn’t as early as yours, though.
    Glad your daughter enjoyed her prom. The sidewalk art cardinal is very cute!


  3. I bought some strawberries on Saturday and am going to combine them with some of our rhubarb tomorrow. I suspect the strawberries are not going to be very sweet since they are shipped from another state. (The ones here are not ripe yet.)
    Your daughter looks like she was having so much fun!
    Her sidewalk crack art is cute!
    That is great that you live close to a dental school and can get your dental work done by the students.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

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  4. What a cool TToT.*
    Good to hear on #1 one of the simplest of validation of ambition and effort… the numbers show on the machine.
    Once tried to grow strawberries (the only berry I could say I enjoy)…. no luck … I understand that strawberries require mad sunlight to grow.)

    *by Doctrine standards cool is defined by an eclectic mix of every day life events and things and such

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    1. Thank you! I also tried growing strawberries and asparagus while in the Midwest, but the natural asparagus I was already getting did not like company. Broccoli and cauliflower efforts fed the rabbits well.


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