Just a little bug
leaving a potty trail
is how he got the name

Part of a heritage
from a friend’s tribe
of pooches
when a peekapoo and dachshund mate
you get a PeeWee

He was the baby
spoiled rotten
wouldn’t have it any other way


He barked at the mirror image of himself
so funny
a fierce opponent of That Dog!

Little did we know
just how much of a defender
he would become

The slightest noise
would have him at the door
ready to chase whatever he heard
protecting his domain

Yes, HIS I kid you not
I would say, “he can hear a squirrel fart in the woods.”


He knew his place
Wherever. He. Wanted. To. Be.

Most loved him
tolerated by some
revered as my personal love
my boy was the best

PeeWee wouldn’t have it any other way
nor would I



There you have it! This is my Poem A Day Challenge completed for Day 3 of National Poetry Month.
Prompts come from Robert Lee Brewer’s Asides Blog

Today’s prompt was: “For today’s prompt, write an animal poem. The poem could be about an animal. Or it could just mention an animal in passing. Or include an animal in your title and fail to mention the animal once in your poem. Your poem, your rules.”