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Coming Soon! National Poetry Month is in April

National Poetry Month follows World Poetry Day which is March 21, by the way there is an event that day you might be interested in. I will be posting that next.

While it listed as a national event, it really is open to all people in the world. After all, who decides whether or not you can write your poetry?

I found several ideas on how to celebrate poetry on Poets.org

One of the activities I try to accomplish is to write a poem every day. And there is even a forum on Writers Digest where you can post your poems. Or if you want some ideas or prompts that is a great place to check. Robert Lee Brewer posts prompts every day in April, so it makes it easy. He has the Poetic Asides column on Writer’s Digest. You can check it out HERE

This year, I am writing a poem per day to a theme. I have not decided on what my theme will be, but I want to do something that could eventually be edited up to become a chapbook or manuscript.

What are your goals for National Poetry Month? I would love to hear what you plan. Comment below and fill this up with ideas.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com