Ten Things of Thankful-October 28 2022

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Happy Friyay and TTOT! How do I love thankfuls? Let me count the ways!

  1. Pumpkin, pumpkin, all ways of pumpkin, see it, eat it, drink it, and smell the spice of it!
  2. Poetry, oh poetry, oh how I love sweet poetry, I may like bitter poetry too, and spooky poetry, yes that will do.
  3. I saw the black cat who used to come to the porch, I am guessing he found a better place to visit, maybe they have treats and more!
  4. There’s a dead balloon hanging in a tree, I see, I suppose it will be there for eternity, wonder what future viewers may wonder, is it new, old, a lost toy from yonder.
  5. books, books, booey books, happy books, thinking books, motivating books, all books that pile on my shelf, even sad books have great wealth.
  6. Cooler days, crunching leaves, viewing pretty-colorful leaves, these are things that make me pleased.
  7. So many events in the planning, for the Garden and for my daily workings, make me smile to be around positive energies, where people can visit and share there beautiful musings.
  8. An event was had on Friday last, the place I live put out a spread, yummy foods, crafts, and smiles, it was great to see people and enjoy fun times.
  9. Sweetheart is back to days down to four, except like today when a class is in store, he’s on his computer and listening well, I won’t disturb him, just happy he’s here.
  10. YOU What’s your thankful? Please share by clicking the blue bar and adding your 10 more or less, we just love to hear from you!

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