Ten Things of Thankful October 21 2022

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Good day! It’s beautiful in North Carolina with the leaves changing and the weather just the right edge of crispy, ridged with rays of the sun. It’s always a great time to be thankful 24/7/365

  1. Road trips + seasonal change = fun! We went on a road trip on Thursday to see Mama Bep and on the way there and back we enjoyed seeing more color changes with those closer to the mountains trees. This made heart happy.
  2. Part 2 of #1 is that we got to see Mama Bep. It has been too long and we had a celebration of our wedding with her. We were married at the courthouse in Raleigh in June, but Mama could not come. We didn’t have a wedding cake, so we stopped at our favorite bakery and they brought out a fresh batch of triple chocolate cupcakes…no need to twist my arm. We selected 4 for our trip and we toasted over our “wedding cake” after lunch on Thursday. It was special to have Mama to celebrate with us.
  3. I think 2 includes enough for a bonus two.
  4. Healthy challenges. As my duff is getting twangy I need to get up and move more, so I set a step goal and it’s gone well. It just started on Monday and I am pleased.
  5. Creative options + relaxation = YES! I am not one who can simply sit. My hands have to stay busy and my mind, yes-it’s goes on and on with these ideas. It’s inherited and I have to embrace this. As a result, when I sit, I almost always have a project in hand. I am crocheting an experiment project gone rogue. It was going to be one thing and has evolved into another. I am liking it, so far. That’s the thing about crocheting. It allows me to play with my patterns and come up with new things…like I said…,mind…wanders…so I am not lost, just creating. That’s my story …
  6. Proof is in the pudding, so they say. Well, the proof to Caring for Souls arrived and while I am happy with it, I notice that the proof is better than the online visuals, so I sent in an update to get everything in sync. Technology. Ugh…
  7. Daughter wrote a story about another country today, doing research, and it came out so well. She asked ME to be her editor! I was so honored. She did so well that I barely had to do much.
  8. Daughter continues to make flags or pictures of different teams or countries for her friends at the program she attends. It’s getting real colorful around there.
  9. A pot of tea for three! My dear sister friend Jill and her hubby Tim sent us a pretty red teapot with strainer plus a selection of teas, for our wedding gift. It arrived this week. I just made my first pot and it is perfect. It makes exactly three cups. So, it’s tea time! Thanks Jill! She also sent me her latest anthology. Here’s a picture.

10. YOU

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8 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful October 21 2022”

  1. One of the things that keeps me participating here at the TToT is a Grat post such as yours this weekend. A mix of real world and personal (subjective) occurrences that makes it possible to identify.
    very cool

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