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Shades of Blue

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She searched for alternatives for the painting of her life. Her paper was beautiful with shades of blue. They ranged from the brightness of the sky to the stylings of The Thrill is Gone. She wondered if she liked brightness the best or if she had to choose.

When she dipped her brush in the water, ready to thin her blue, she paused. Reflecting about where her journey had taken her, she shook out her brush and poured a cup of coffee and smiled.


this is my six sentence story in response to the prompt “alternative.” Thanks to Denise of Girlie on the Edge for her weekly prompts.

7 thoughts on “Shades of Blue”

  1. I really liked the 3rd and 4th sentences with the color blue ranging from the sky, something just ‘there’, to the emotion of music with that song in particular, and the realization that some decisions don’t have to be made. Nice 6!

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  2. one line (or phrase) totally jumped out at me (as is such to happen with good Sixes)
    …”ready to thin her blue, she paused.
    Gets my ‘WICUWSTG’ award*

    *Wish I’d Come Up With Something That Good’

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