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Dusting, sweeping, window washing—the family readied their home for the presence of grandmother.

Oh, thought Priscilla, it’s going to be fun, I can hardly wait until she gets here. Giggling beside herself,

Priscilla picked out her finest dress and slipped on her sparkly slippers, and she even decorated Fluffy.

“You sure are excited,” Priscilla’s mother exclaimed.

Priscilla gave an impish grin; “I can’t wait to see the presents.”

This was when Priscilla had her first lesson about homonyms.


This is my response to the weekly prompt from Girlie on the Edge.

Perhaps you would like to write something.

22 thoughts on “Anticipation”

    1. I think she will be fine and probably grow up to tell the story. It’s loosely based and my friend’s little girl when we were riding to an Iowa town called “Cedar Rapids” and the little girl kept asking when we were going to “See the rabbits.”


  1. lol*

    *compliments on a most engaging and entertaining Six**
    ** for the record, I could not come up with my own homonym for something akin to simpatico, but funny

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