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Angels in Front of Us

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Angels in Front of Us

Motel Merrion was on the outskirts of the next big city in Kentucky and Shandy was pleased with the homey look of the place, from the very moment she pulled up to the point of checking in, she knew she was in the right place and Belle, who sent her there, was right about it being a decent place to rest up; this became even more evident when the sole proprietor, Merry, strode up to the desk; she had a full head of blonde hair, curled and sprayed to the nth degree, penciled eye brows that appeared raised despite the fine line of her actual brows, coral puffs of rouge, and lipstick which reminded her of strawberries; she has a an unfiltered Camel burning in the ashtray, which she paid no care to, while she focused on Shandy.

“You must be Shandy; thank you for calling from Belle’s place, it helped me get your room ready, and I wanted to be sure you had a room close to the front so you could be close to the office, you are in a safe place, but there’s something to be said for taking that extra step, you know what I mean, yeah, of course you do; well you are all set in room 3, my lucky number, and I hope you find it to be yours, too; there’s coffee and donuts in the morning by six and just leave the key in the drop box when you leave.”

“How much do I owe you,” inquired Shandy.

“Shandy, dear, you don’t owe me a thing, I heard you are starting over and, well, I have been down that road, until I found this place to make a home for others, I was lost, and, well, I promised myself that if there ever was a woman who was in my shoes come in the door, I would treat her like she deserves to be treated, and I won’t have any money from you, I have a little cash stash for these reasons, and tonight is your lucky night.”

Speechless, Shandy tried to speak, but her throat closed up as her eyes welled with the fullness of tears, and when she found her voice, she spoke, broken but clear enough, “Merry, you are a jewel, I am going to accept this, well, because I remember that my husband would say to pay attention to the angels, they are in front of us, and, well, you are one of those angels, and, well, I will be sure to pass your kindness on to the next person I come across with a need.”

Merry handed Shandy the key to her room, Shandy reached out and gave her a hug, walked out to find her room and when she opened the door, she was greeted with a bouquet of fresh roses, clearly from the beautiful rose bushes which lined the front of Merry’s motel, and Shandy knew she found the right place to claim for her overnight home.


And that is my installment of the continuing story of Shandy and Clarabelle. This week, the focus has been on Shandy, but Clarabelle will be back. She’s just not met Shandy, at this point.

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