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A Budding Friendship

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A Budding Friendship

“Shandy’s my name,” the waitress said, patting Clarabelle on her shoulder, “I think my mother liked an Australian just enough to sprout me, and from the look in her eyes when she talked about him, God rest her soul, she never quite forgot the spark she had with him.”

“What lovely sentiment, Shandy, I can tell your mother had a lot of love, because just look at you, a lovely woman who isn’t afraid to work and takes the time to help an old woman like me,” Clarabelle reached up and patted Shandy’s hand and smiled.

Tears welled up in Shandy’s eyes and, looking around and noticing impatient customers, and her boss getting red in the face, well, she was anxious, “Don’t go anywhere ma’am, let me take care of these customers and I will be back shortly, okay?”

Rushing about and sternly giving her boss the stink eye, Shandy nodded the direction of Clarabelle; Shandy attended to grabbing orders and hurried back to Clarabelle, “I took the liberty of ordering you a special plate that I happen to like, it’s one of the best meals you will get in here without getting heartburn, trust me on that.”

Clarabelle smiled and asked Shandy, “where are you from, dear, you have a bit of an accent and I can usually tell where a person’s from by their accent, but I am thinking it’s either Georgia or North Carolina, am I right on either of those?”

Shandy sat down for just a moment to rest her dogs and nodded to Clarabelle, “I am from North Carolina, in Brunswick county, from a little town called Southport, it’s a tourist town, good for the quiet, slow life, but I needed to make a change.”


And there you have it! This is my Six Sentence Story from the lovely Denise’s prompt “Change” and you can see more by going to this LINK

This is actually a continuation from last week’s story which you can find HERE

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  1. Good six. We are looking to change as well..quiter and smipler is the goal. I like this one, and I never missed Alice…Flo’s “kiss my grits” line is a TV classic!

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