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Menu to Start a Friendship

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Menu to Start a Friendship

Clarabelle stared at the menu for what seemed a long time, based on the tapping of the pen on the waitress’s pad, her eyes squinting, frowning as if it were her time being wasted.

“I am so sorry, but it is hard for me to decide what it is I want, you see, my dear Herbie used to select what we would have to eat, it was the only time he made such decisions, usually it was up to me to decide what to cook, so you see I cannot decide, do you have a suggestion?”

Rolling her eyes and then alerting to a focus, the waitress suggested the steak and eggs with a side of shredded hash browns with onions.

“Oh, thank you, so much, that sounds lovely, how kind of you to help me, this is so hard…” her voice trailed off and a tear rolled down her cheek and edged on her deep berry toned lips, “I am so sorry, it’s just that…” and she bent her head down and soaked her now freely falling tears with her napkin.

Softening her frown into a soft smile, the waitress reached across and patted Clarabelle’s shoulder and said, “ma’am, I am so sorry, Herbie must have been quite the man.”

Clarabelle looked up at the waitress and really probed into her eyes and said, “thank you, he was, what is your name?”

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26 thoughts on “Menu to Start a Friendship”

  1. I was getting a little nervous! Wasn’t sure if the waitress would soften. Compassion seems to be harder to come by nowadays so your Six is a nice reminder to have a little patience and be more mindful of those around us.

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