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Ten Things of Thankful – October 23 2020

Photo by Gopal Krishna on Unsplash

Happy Friday and TTOT day! No, I did not move to the desert, but I ran into the photo when I was working on a project and just love the colors. So, what’s happening on this week? A lot, I would say, so let’s get the party started!

  1. You know I am going to tell you how excited I am about tomorrow’s event and I am thankful that we are getting there without too many hiccups. And you know I have to share about it! So, here it is. Ya know…it’s virtual, right? hint hint What it is to be a Woman

2. Another poetry book has been edited and produced for LaVan Robinson. I posted about it HERE

3. The Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast is going well. I am learning as I go and the important thing is to be open to new things and positive changes. I am grateful to be learning. It’s good to challenge the brain.

4. Daughter has received fabric and patterns and is making scarves and bunnies for folks who are in need. I am so proud and grateful. She is also making masks for folks.

5. Remote controls. What did we do before them? Oh yeah, get up or leave it on the same channel. Daughter’s remote took a dive and I think it has resulted in an appreciation for such devices.

6. Animal photos. I love to look at cute animal photos. In these days of news blasts and political mumbo jumbo, it’s nice to watch kittens and puppies and other critters having fun.

7. Bravery of a sweet soul with coming forth about abuse. I am grateful that they found the courage and they know they have the support.

8. The ability to pray and send positives to those in need. There has been an upswing in these requests and I am grateful that I am asked to do this. It means somebody believes I do what I am asked and I do.

9. A sense of humor. We all need a good laugh and I get tickled a lot by my friend, Missy and her blog Midlife Margaritas. She interviewed this comedian and I think it is worth sharing. Be sure to view the video. Another Hilarious Woman in Comedy: Meet Tara Brown

10. YOU! So, are you coming to the table this week, because we always have something good to serve up! Let’s see what you have in your covered dish.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

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12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – October 23 2020”

  1. I’m with you, Lisa, regarding prayer and humor–both are vital, even during the best of times, but right now they’re imperative! Huge blessings to you, girlfriend! ❀

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  2. Being able to find a way to navigate this crazy year/world–whether through poetry, service, prayer, humor, or the calming effect of cute animals–is so important! I’m always delighted to learn of clean comedians. Tara Brown would fit right in at Dry Bar Comedy; maybe she’ll perform there someday.


  3. Thank you for sharing the link to Tara Brown. She is great and I appreciated a moment to laugh. Oh, the animal photos on FB draw me in every time! It is true that often it is when something breaks or gets lost that we realize how much we appreciate having those things. Praying and sending positive vibes to others can make a world of difference sometimes as much to the sender as to the receiver.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  4. Such a busy, active and (especially) productive week!
    One of the benefits (imo) to reading TToT posts is the encouragement possible when reading about the adventures of other writers in the week passed.
    Have an excellent week.

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  5. Great thankfuls from a busy week! And when we were young, we WERE the remote! Plus our kids don’t know what it’s like when the knob broke and you had to use pliers to change channels!

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