Short Fiction, six sentence story

Just Desserts

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Melanie Myers was a regular customer at the Ms Petite Boutique as they had clothing she preferred, simple, but stylish, not too overstated, but in fashion. Small in stature but a bit rounder than she cared to be, Melanie often felt overwhelmed when her usual size would fit snugly around her waist. “Oh, gee, it must be the last few days with all the events,” she would say, knowing this was not true, but she was too embarrassed to share that it was the chocolate eclairs with that perfect cream which kept her mind pre-occupied, although she did not imbibe in many, she had a hard time keeping her weight down.

As Melanie dragged home to her lovely apartment, she dropped her shopping bags and plopped in her easy chair, summoning Erika for some tea, she sat and pondered about what to do about her weight. At age 83, was she really caring if she gained a few pounds and what about the fact that they make clothes in larger sizes to accommodate her comfort. An epiphany struck her faster than Erika could bring her tea and grabbing her purse, she headed back out the door, to the Ms Petite Boutique to buy the prettiest outfit she could find in just the size that was comfortable for her frame, as she thought to herself, I deserve to live in comfort and I deserve those eclairs.


The Archies who played a concert I attended in Iowa. That was many moons ago, and several chocolate eclairs.

This is my response to the Six Sentence Story. Would you like to participate? Please go to this LINK and have some fun. Be sure to plate up some sweet dessert to accompany your writing.

18 thoughts on “Just Desserts”

  1. I’m in total agreement!! Bring on the comfy clothes and ohhh, those eclairs! I haven’t had any really good ones in ages–grocery store bakery ones don’t pass muster 🙂

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  2. That sounds like Grandpa. He has a problem that needs surgery to correct and is supposed to be watching what he eats, but he says he’s over 80, is ready when the Good Lord takes him, and is going to eat what he wants and not put himself through the stress of a surgical procedure.

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