Short Fiction, short story


angler Original Ink by Lisa Tomey


He found a place on the sandy shore, checking his basket with optimism. Easing his way into the easy tide, steady on his feet, all the while angling for the best spot. The clouds were overwhelming, speaking through was a sharp angle of the sun. Tapping his shoulder with the rays, the sun beam warmed his shoulder as he continued to work his way into the sea. Feeling the sand flea pulling his line, dancing – if you will – he found confidence settle in his gut. Once the dance turned to a waltz it was time to play the line.


There you go! That was my six-sentence story. Go check out Girlie on the Edge to join in!

20 thoughts on “Angling”

  1. Loved this! You showed us the scene so beautifully through your storytelling. I don’t know whether the image complements it, as I am bl ind, but I didn’t need it to envision this.


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