Easter Traditions from Our Childhood

watercolor breakfast

Breakfast Watercolor Spontaneity by Lisa Tomey

A chocolate bunny and peeps and marshmallow eggs

and rainbows of hard boiled eggs for breakfast

The call of coffee rises from the kitchen

although I only will drink it will scoops of sugar and milk

I know it’s time to get up or daddy will be calling us all

Making strawberry banana jello early to set up

to  go with homemade chocolate cake with egg-white icing

just as daddy likes

All is well as all have risen

Donning dresses and shiny shoes sister and I bounce off to church

Brothers go to mass

Coming home we are greeted by mother and kiss the baby

Scents of ham and potatoes au gratin start their play with my juices

All is well as we sit at our places

Daddy bows and we follow

All we need to do is pray and eat

Then we will clean the kitchen

Brothers will end this with wet noodle fights

And the day has moved on to sleepy heads

but never naps

Easter was this way for us for many years

until one by one the chickens left the nest

and mom and daddy left this world as we knew it

Today we remember them

and forget about chocolate bunnies

and wake up knowing we were loved

Why do I smell Easter basket grass


Prompt: Wake IUp – National Poetry Month Prompt

13680966_10157203992040203_5856691465397722928_n Dressed up: Paula, Bill, Lisa and Darryl

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