Wake Up – National Poetry Month April 12 2020

watercolor collage cup collage by Lisa Tomey

Happy Easter! It’s day 12 for National Poetry Month. Today’s prompt is: Let’s write a bright, wake up kind of poem. It could be about the joy of morning, joy of coffee, joy of being or even a reverse of all these things. What have yo u? Show me, please, in the comments.

And I always like to offer some other resources so you might want to check out

Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides or NaPoWriMo

8 thoughts on “Wake Up – National Poetry Month April 12 2020”

  1. Insomniac Blues

    Once again I am the victim
    of a reversed circadian rhythm
    Struggle to get up early
    still late to the celebration.
    It was a good day but I’m tired.
    Home in bed by 9.
    Awake at 10:30. Ready to party!
    Too bad are all my friends are asleep.

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