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Ten Things of Thankful – April 3 2020

90176177_2897888166934655_8556798734627766272_o Collage by Lisa Tomey Bird, flower, tree collage

It’s that time again for TTOT! Let’s get at it!

  1. National Poetry Month – you know I would have to mention this firstly. This is my favorite month for events. It’s a challenge, but a good one to be able to write a poem each day. This year, I am combining what I have done in previous years. I am providing a prompt each day on my blog, plus adding other blogs for prompts. Then, at some point in the day, I post my poem for the day. Here is the link to my post for this day: National Poetry Month  NPM_2020_poster
  2. Spring has sprung! It’s beautiful outside and we have been taking short walks, always paying attention to social distancing and the point here is that hardly anybody else is out, except for the dog walkers and they tend to go to the dog pen.
  3. Grocery Delivery – I decided to give this a try. Since I also get a senior discount for trying it out and it’s time to avoid stores. It arrives tomorrow. I have heard good things, so we will see how it goes. I am feeling guilty for asking someone else to go out, but, at the same time, it provides a job. It’s a real Catch-22.
  4. Allergy meds – I am grateful for allergy meds for this especially polliny time.
  5. 6. Virtual Meetings – I had my first virtual poetry critique meeting this week. It was pretty darn awesome! I like that one of the folks was from Australia. It’s cool to be able to reach across the world. And I was able to get wonderful help with a poem I am wanting to submit for publication. It’s to go in my book, as well.

      7. Dive into Poetry – This is an online poetry group which meets on Facebook. We just             finished up March, but Jena decided to keep it open for April. I am behind, so I am             grateful for this as well as the fact that I get to interact with other poets in there.      Much of what I write in this group does not get published on my blog, saving for publications, since they don’t like pre-published works.

            You can learn more about the classes offered by Jena HERE

8. Virtual Blogging Meetup. The Raleigh NC Bloggers has meetings online, thanks to one of the members putting this together. We meet tomorrow. It’s way cool! We have a large turnout for the live meetings and I hope we grow online.

9. Cary Writing Group – We have met once a month in Cary, but with the current situation this is not happening, but we did do a check-in, so I feel better with knowing how everybody is doing. You grow close in these groups and I like to know how my people are doing.

10. And this is for you! Come to the table and virtually dine with us.

white tableware
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19 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 3 2020”

  1. Having technology to gather virtually is a wonderful thing! I’m thankful for that, too.
    Spring brings hope, doesn’t it? I love seeing the trees budding out and hearing the birds singing.
    Happy Poetry Month!

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  2. I was just commenting on virtual meetings earlier. I like it. It saves time too. As nurses, we usually have room meetings but not anymore, not lately.
    Delivery people are awesome!

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  3. We’ve started to see signs of spring, grass growing greener and such, temperatures, not so much. It is good to see that you have so many outlets for expressing your self.
    Very cool.
    Have a good week.

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  4. Spring is definitely popping up all around us here. I can’t imagine how different all of this might be – not better, just different – if it were the dead of winter right now and things like getting some fresh air were not as possible. Spring gives us hope and we sure do need some.
    I’m torn on the grocery delivery thing. I actually used it back in late January/early February when all of the family were down sick. It was surely convenient and a big help. But now? As much as I could (probably should) use it, I feel as you do – guilty to make someone do it, but also grateful there is work for people who do that job. I also feel bad taking the delivery spot from someone who might need it more than I do. Tough call.

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  5. I haven’t tried the grocery delivery option yet because we out of town a ways, but it may come to that.
    I had my first virtual meeting with a doctor this week. We laughed about it, because for some reason my face showed up sideways on the screen and I wasn’t able to change it. HaHa
    Hmmmmm National Poetry Week. I’d better give this a try again.
    Very enjoyable TToT.

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  6. The grocery experience was a 5 of 10, but they are making it good, so I will give it another chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. When we lived way out from stores we were pretty well stocked plus canning and having butchering done, but those were a long time ago. We would fill the car with groceries and stuff the pantry lol Funny about the doctor visit. Was it your best side? 😀


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