Ten Things of Thankful – February 21 2020

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Holding a big heart in hands, pretty pink.

It’s time for the Ten Things of Thankful or TTOT Perhaps this is the week you would like to join us. If so, there’s a link at the bottom and you can jump into the wonderful pool of warm thankfuls! Make a splash!

1-5. Safety on the roads – It’s snow and ice happenings here in NC and the news stays on top of it. I am grateful for the updates and that I can turn to Spectrum 14 to get 24/7 coverage. Being an equal opportunity watcher, though, I turn to various local channels. Sometimes you need a new face or wardrobe change. So, grateful for news coverage, grateful for safety for my own household grateful I don’t have to go out in this, grateful I have my warm blanket, grateful to have power.

6. Good numbers – Got my lab results for my three month check in and most numbers are looking good. And happy I am able to change one of them for the better. And my blood pressure is much better!

7. Writing Conference – the TAF Write Now 2020 Conference is coming up in May. I am excited to attend and meet other writers and learn from the experts. Thought I would share the link in case any of you are close by. TAFWriteNow2020

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Writing Conference

8. French Press – My friends gave me this lovely French Press for my 60th birthday (been a bit ago) and I enjoy it so much. If you are a coffee drinker, you might want to try this. One of my coffee shops serve pourovers, which is almost as good.

9. Recipes – I am so grateful that I can go online and pull up pretty much any recipe I wish. It is so convenient. While I still rely on the old family cookbooks, too, I enjoy the ease of finding recipes online.

10. YOU! You are the most wonderful person to read this far! And now you get a chance to share your TTOT!! Go for it! Go ahead… Boom! It’s done!

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14 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – February 21 2020”

  1. Yeah for good lab results!
    Although I am not a coffee drinker, my husband is and he absolutely loves his French Press.
    Although I managed to accumulate a ton of cookbooks over the years, more times than not if I am looking for a recipe, I look for it online. It is so much quicker.
    I am thankful you are staying safe and warm and avoiding driving on icy streets.

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  2. Surely Number Six is the best of all Grats… continued good health makes all other things so much more….real.

    …we’ve been fortunate up here (southern New England) with a limited amount of frozen water…not at present on the ground.

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  3. Your number 10 is so sweet! It reminds me of my granddaughter watching Mr. Roger’s for the first time. She asked me, “Grandma, who’s he talking to?” When I told her he was talking to us, she was amazed: “He can SEE us?” 🙂

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  4. Snow is wonderful as long as you can remain safe and warm inside! I do love a good snow day!
    Congrats on the check up! Great news!
    I have more recipes pinned on Pinterest than I could make in my lifetime, I think, but there’s still nothing like pulling out and tried and true cookbook or recipe card!

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