Ten Things of Thankful – April 26

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Ten Things of Thankful

It’s that time again to ponder on all the gratitudes for the week! This is possibly one of my favorite things to do as it affects my whole week. You start looking at the silver lining of each cloud and start seeing the goodness. So, without much more ado, awaaay we go!! If you don’t know where that came from, then I think I will be nostalgic and start with that one!

1. Jackie Gleason was one of the best comics from my age. I have many fond memories of watching his show and our father saying “Away We Go!”

2. National Poetry Month has gotten my poetry flow going. Today is day 26 and I am still in the running! Here’s probably my favorite so far. Check it out HERE

3. Earth Day – we need this day 365 days a year, if we are going to make a difference. I did a little poem for the earth.
My Post - 2019-04-22T172900.951.jpg

4. Triangle Association of Freelancers Conference is tomorrow and I am over the moon at being able to be in North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton-Green’s class!! She was just given an amazing honor. Read about it HERE I hope to learn about her documentary style poetry and more.

5. Joy Prom is provided annually in Raleigh and dear daughter will be attending this year. She last attended several years ago and decided she wanted to go again. I think she will have a great time.

6. Six Sentence Story is still going strong, for me. This week I wrote something that cuts close to my heart. It is likely going to be developed more, as it came to me with more information than I shared. It’s about The Last Haircut I gave my father.

7. The weather has been amazing!!! We did have a storm and today we are expecting another one, but it’s just nature doing what it does. It’s been nice to be able to start wearing shorts. If the pool was open I would have jumped in!

8. The library is something I am super thankful for. We walked to the library last night and picked up three books I had on hold. It’s nice we live so close and I love how they can get the books I want, pretty much. I also request that they buy certain books and many times they have followed though. The librarians are super nice and it’s cool how they are so eager to assist.

9. Art has infiltrated my brain! I am an artist, but I go in spells with creativity. I started doing some mindfulness art with a free class and now I am slowly going through another series for your sketchbook. It can be challenging to try new things, but it’s also fun. Here’s one item I made.
staying on task 041219

10. Accomplishment. I worked on a special project of which was a new challenge and it is complete and I feel a little bit more experienced and that’s all can say about it. It’s a secret…shhh

10.1 BONUS!! I lost 4# since my last report and I forgot to report last week.

So, there you have it! One more week of yahoos!! How about you? Do you feel yahooistic? Go for it and share. The more, the merrier!!

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10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 26”

  1. When it comes to thankfulness, I do feel yahooistic! I’m thankful for you, and your lists each week. It sounds like you are really on a writing/artistic roll! πŸ™‚

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  2. I remember the show, the Jackie Gleason Show, besides the show, ‘The Honeymooners’.
    (I will not be doing any calenderistic math, thank you).
    Very positive ‘oT, indeed.
    We’re getting the on-again. off-again Spring up here (southern New England)… rains frequently but remains in a liquid form.

    (love the 10.1 Item!)

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  3. I have heard about the Joy Proms and how much fun they are for the participants and for those who make these events happen for the attendees. I hope your daughter will have just as much fun this time.

    It is so sad that the earth has become such a trash collector. I hope it is possible to undo what has been done.

    You are right about creativity going in spells, especially when life gets in the way.

    Yeah for accomplishments!


  4. It’s funny how differently you look at your week when you know you are going to write a list of thankfuls at the end of it! Spring weather means tornadoes around here. Pretty good chance of severe weather the next 48 hours, and I am NOT thankful for that! We have a new library in town. The old one was only about a mile away from our house. The new one is several miles away and I never make it over there. Plus, I think it’s kind of cold and impersonal. Really miss the old one!

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