Catch and Release

black and white dead die diving
Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

Catch and Release

Caught up in the throes of life
it’s easy to get swept away
releasing the ways of the world
to stay on point for the journey at hand

Lost in the caughtness of snares
lasting in the lowness of traps
one must find a way
to release the catch and run free

Often, or so it seems
we tend to allow our bounds
taking away our fears
may take us to higher ground

Drowning in sorrowful angst
lasting to only find death
turning the screws fast at hand
allowing release on demand

Cinching that taut in the seams
feeling the tightness of holds
allowing the break of the threads
beauty is bound to release

Taking the hold of the days
fearing not in the darkness of night
packing the guns that don’t blaze
checking your pain at the door

Allowing each moment’s release
nothing to be caught in the catch
striving to know and to learn
ever freed by your own breath

Catch me and I will be caught
taunt me and I will be shamed
release me and I will be free
to come back or leave you again

So, there you have it! My 16th poem of the National Poetry Month Poem a Day Challenge. Inspired by the prompts from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides I decided to combine the two for Tuesday option into one. Here’s what the prompt said: “Write a catch poem. Catch a cold, a ball, a fish, or someone’s eye.
Write a release poem. Release your anger, a ball, a fish, or someone’s head (from a head lock while wrestling, of course).”

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