Dedicated to Mr. White Monkey

brown monkey on log
Photo by FOX on Pexels.com

Dedicated to Mr. White Monkey

It was a time in my life
when examining my true self
I needed the comfort
to soothe my child within
Alas there he was
on the Valentine’s Day gift shelf
looking at me and me at him
we were meant to be
Mr. White Monkey to me
Ms. Lady Worthwhile to him
Many years passed
Monkey gave and felt
when the time came when someone else
needed Monkey to love
Goodbye Mr. White Monkey
you served your mission well
moving on to serve another and more
and more
never to wither
for the soul never dies

Poem of the day for National Poetry Month – From Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides: For today’s prompt, write a dedication poem. This is a poem dedicated to a person, an animal, or an organization. Or hey, objects work too–like a poem to a rock or paper bag. Put the dedication in the title or in a line under the title (“for Mother” or “to the heart-shaped rock between the creek and the tulips”). I dedicate today’s prompt to all of you!

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