10 Things of Thankful-First Week of February

I have decided to participate in the Ten Things of Thankful (TTOT) challenge. Here are my 10 things I am grateful for in the past week:

1. I received the most amazing gift! As I have pain issues with fibromyalgia and arthritis as well as never being able to get warm in the winter, I had mentioned this to my kindred spirit, soul sister and was so wonderfully surprised to receive a heated blanket. It works like an electric blanket except it’s smaller and you can use it on the couch or chair or on the bed. I love it!
2. Being able to choose foods to eat healthy. This is not something to take for granted.
3. That I have the ability to delete, mute, turn off things that just aggravate me.
4. It’s been very nice weather and I have been able to take short walks.

5. My cold is coming to an end. It’s been a rough week or more and I am grateful that our household is becoming cough free, almost.
6. Reading. I finished a reading of a book that is going to be published soon. It’s not my book, as I read it as a beta reader. I do a lot of beta reading and find it very enjoyable.
7. Water. I hydrate a lot and my go to drink is water. Mother always said it was the only drink to really quinch your thirst. She was right.
8. Poetry is my life line. I am working on a special secret project and it’s been fun.
9. 14  Words For Love project is something I try to participate in every day. You take 14 words to express love. This is any kind of love, not just romantic love. It really helps to stop and write these every day. It is always good to think of love, I think.

10. The Sestina poetry workshop mentioned before had a great turnout and has me thinking of doing more poetry workshops. OK So that’s maybe 3 gratitudes for poetry, but all just a little different.

I will leave this with a poem I wrote recently. It is in response to a daily prompt I find on Twitter on #BardBits

Rocking chair, oh wait for me
I’m in my spring, not winter theme
Go forward, back
Let the runners rock
I’m not yet there
Though I’m quite aware
Let me have more springs, oh please
give me time to fill my needs
Autumn comes and winter falls
There’s still time past menopause


Those are my thankfuls for this past week. What are yours? Would you like to participate? Click on this Link 


11 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful-First Week of February”

  1. I’m glad you like your blankie. I like mine so much, you had to have one.
    Explain to me more the 14 days for love project please.
    You’ve been writing poetry left and right lately!!
    That’s grand!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to the TToT! So glad you joined us!

    We’re fighting colds here, too, so I could relate to your “rough week” comment. I hope your cough goes away soon! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to take care of yourself, though. You are right, healthy food and lots of water makes a difference!

    I think there is LOTS of time past menopause! 🙂 That rocking chair can definitely wait!


  3. Good one number 2! I’m so jealous of your new blanket. Sounds totally awesome – wintertime, couch, book…portable electric blanket 😀
    Glad you’re feeling better. Been there recently, no fun.
    Have a good week, Lisa 🙂


  4. like the heated blanket! (I am often heard saying, “I expect to feel warm sometime around…mid-June.” lol)
    Cold has a way of sapping energy or, at very least, distracting the mind.
    Reading is a good thing. Since I’ve taken on the ambition of becoming a writer, I’ve found double pleasure in my time with a book. The first in the enjoyment of the tale, the second in ‘how the heck did they manage that!’.
    have a good week.


  5. I’m sure authors really appreciate you being a beta reader, plus you get to read the book prior to it being published.
    My post mentions rocking chairs this week too, and I just now read your post.
    Your heated lap blanket sounds like something wonderful, especially since I’m considering grabbing some light weight gloves to wear as I write this. HaHa
    Yeah for oncoming wellness from your cold.
    Many more years past menopause, but for me rocking chairs are chairs of many seasons. I love almost all of them, except for those that make you feel like you are going to tip over backwards.

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