6 Sentence Story – Milestones

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Shattered, she fell from running to the drawer to retrieve her training pants and cut her nose for stitches, this was the first of many times she was patched up or sewn back together.

Scarred, she found by age 10 that she could ride a bicycle and find great freedom, despite the many falls and tangles, notably, the one her biggest brother had to untangle her from and he knew she had a hero in him.

Falling, became her way from ago 16 through 60 while she found every bump, funny squat, falling under a car even, she knew she had special skills and made the most.
Milestones, one could call them, marked by scars, skin, blood, perseverance, forthrightness and humor, she knew she had many more stones to fall over.

It was the milestones you couldn’t see that really hurt the deepest, the ones where the cuts of emotions quick to the heart and the gut, tangling her up in anxiety and sadness.

Gratefully, she came to realize that no matter what kind of obstacles stood in her way, there would always be the milestones she could rely on and those made all the difference she needed.

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13 thoughts on “6 Sentence Story – Milestones”

  1. She´s GOT THIS! Being able to overcome and rise above the obstacles and seeing the milestones along the way will be like stars being added to her crown.
    Great SSS.

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  2. “…became her way from ago 16 through 60…”
    Really liked this line.
    Really enjoy when the words (combined) in a story convey a rhythm that pulls the reader along through the twists and turns to the end.

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  3. To embrace life’s challenges, be aware of them is a strength we all should strive for. The physical “challenges” early in life surely prepared her for the inevitable emotional “challenges”.
    I’ve no doubt she had many more positive “milestones” the older she got 🙂


  4. Me thinks I commented on the wrong post. Your milestones post brought me to my childhood. When we traveled I would mark the trip by landmarks. As the road changed I had to find new ones. I mourned for the old ones .


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