The Vessel – 6 Sentence Story

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Gently, she placed the heart in the sterile container.

Carefully, the vessel was transported to the recipient.

Cautiously, surgeons attached the heart to the grateful patient.

Lovingly, caregivers assisted their loved one to regain health.

Joyfully, the recovery was uneventful.

Celebratively, care would forever be taken of the heart.

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Write 6 sentences. No more. No less.
Use this week’s prompt word:Β Β VESSEL
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13 thoughts on “The Vessel – 6 Sentence Story”

  1. I lack the technical language of the form, which nevertheless does not stop me from commenting on how much I enjoy this Six.
    How it is that with the right words (in the perfect position) the reading not only hears a tale, we are carried along by whatever one calls that internal rhythmic quality. Its something that is felt rather than understood.

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    1. Thank you! My sister was an organ donor and she wondered if there would be anything they could use when she passed, as she was a cancer survivor, diabetic, heart patient…they were able to use a part of her eyes. Someone, somewhere is seeing better because of her. I know she would be happy to know that and it inspired me to fill out the paperwork.


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