Hear Me Roar

Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash Tiger Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash

Hesitant to speak
Feeling like my voice was less
To the species I felt unimportant
Watching life from my seat of quiet
Noting my tongue gave to tingling
Realizing there was something more
I was my own restraint
My roar was just as important
And I had to release
Valid are my thoughts
Valuable are my feelings
Churning powerful energy
Recession holds no more power
No more biting of the tongue
No more strain of the stomach
Allowing myself to be loud
And now try to stop me from my roar


Tigers in the Eye of the Poet – National Poetry Month – April 4 2020

My Post (17) Lisa Tomey’s little poemlette about tigers

Today’s National Poetry Month prompt is all about tigers. Now, this could mean the animal or it could mean someone with a tiger like personality or any reference to tigers in your own kind of way. You might like to write about Richard Parker from Life of Pi 

So, let’s get at it!

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I would love to see your poems in comments.

Happy Writing!!